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Back To The Double Ds

October 22, 2011
Back To The Double Ds
Welp, my long (about) year hiatus is finally over and production for my hack is rollin'.
Here's a picture of another world, Sunset Sea.

    Think you can get up here through normal means? Pft, yeah right!

More pictures are uploaded to the "Super Mario 64: DD" main page.


May 6, 2011
Bandit Productions has been updated. The following is a list of what has:

Super Mario 64 DD
  - Added new level descriptions

  - New page on info of current and future projects to be done by us.

Be sure to check them out some time.

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Super Mario 64 DD: Main Theme (for now...)

March 12, 2011
Well for now, here is the hack's main theme in usage.
<embed width="440" height="420" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src=""><br><font size="1"><a href="">Original Video</a> - More videos at <a href="">TinyPic</a></font>

So far, so good... i suppose...

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The Flat Cap - Tan

February 18, 2011
Yes, the Flat Cap. I am trying on making my own new custom power up, and so far this is what I got. What it does is flattens Mario for a short amount of time so he may be able to walk under very short entrances that are way to small for him to go threw walking or crouching.     

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic Now, I haven't actually gotten it replace a cap, or atleast add one (I doubt you can add one) but that's the basis of it.
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Getting Used to Warp Hacking

November 13, 2010
Well, I have finally managed to get the hang of warp hacking, such as warp pipes leading to levels, or standing on a certain floor piece and then warping, starting to get much easier for me, good thing to since I making the hub now, even got the music chosen out.

Link examples:


And that pretty much sums it up.

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Updates to Hit Soon Enough

September 11, 2010
For the some of you who come here, yes, the hacks are still alive and well. It's just that i've been very busy with other stuff such as new hacking tools, "OLD" hacking tools, and real life conflict. So please, don't think i have just quit, i am still working, including on the hack by the iTechs Hacking team.

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Starting A-New

May 6, 2010
This place has been completely empty in a while, i have been busy working on my 3 SM64 hacks as shown in the section "Super Mario 64 Rom Hacks". i Dunno'. Like 2 days ago i joined an awesome SM64 hacking team know as the.. well.... "Igames Hacking Team" , cool right? Currently we are working on 1 hack, "NEW! Super Mario 64". I'm not sure if its a remake of SM64 with better  textures and stuff, because i wasnt told much about it. I think i will add it to the SM64 rom hacks section. So  later's...
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Now Play with Bandit!

March 20, 2010
A new section of the site is now finished from construction, the Play with Bandit Page is now open
to the public!(yippie!) You can now play with our mascot, Bandit !

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Heart Gold and Soul Silver

March 15, 2010
Yes! yesterday at target i got heart gold and soul silver! i got heart gold, and my older bro got soul silver. The poke'walker is so cool! you can find wild pkmn and items and you can catch the pokemon! your pokemon grows levels the more steps you take!
  Here is a pic of the 2 boxes. poke'walker is sneaking up in the picture.

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March 13, 2010
Welcome! :D

Um..well, this is a site as you can see! :)
With help from first mod FunkikiFlurry, I have created my own site to post about funkeys, life, my Mario64Rom hacks, and stuff mods want to post about.
So ya!   Oh and Bye the way, starting out, there are 3 Mod spots for you people. So ya! Spend some time here and stuff.

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About Me

Jairo Hey, Jairo here. I like to draw and create comics as well as my own video games. I like to play sports such as soccer and football, I like video games to. Bandit Productions started in mid 04 as "Star-Port Inc." but was renamed and officially took off in mid 08.
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