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Below you can see the updates of the hack, as well as screen shots, and music within the game.

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Beta Box Art

Hub World Part 1:  Westside Windmill
Ahh the hub world. The level that connects every other world... to one! Westside Windmill is, as the name implies, the West side of the
Hub World and the beginning part of it all. You'll need to find the key lost in the Misty Mine that Bowser has taken over to get to the other
parts of the hub. Some people spotted a Toad mocking on goers near the entrance to the arena, strange, huh?

 Each hub section contains 4 worlds, except for the last one, containing only 3, each with something in the middle to identify it, as such,
obviously Westside Windmill has a Windmill at the base of it, plus, each world surrounding it has something to do with it.

Pictures Coming Soon

Hub World Part 2:  Northwood Forest

Ahh the hub world. The level that connects every other world... to one! Northwood Forest is, as the name implies, the North side of the
Hub World and the add-on of it all. You'll need to find a key in the Misty Mine that Bowser has taken over to unlock the gate closing this
horrific forest.

 With Boos lurking about, you may never know what to expect. But luckily, you'll meet a new Allie to help you on: Boonjamen (yes,
a pun on the name Benjamen, low on creativity, okay?). He should be able to guide you to some worlds.

Pictures Coming Soon

Mossy Meadows

The start of your quest to retrieve all the Stars starts here. There will be plenty to explore including a waterfall with a little secret,
very tall grass hiding something from you, a race with an old rival, and more. Just make sure to not get any fungus or ivy on you
while on your visit!

Forever Frost Mountain

(Outdated Pictures)
Known for being the coldest place in the Mushroom Kingdom, Forever Frost Mountain is sure to give you a frostbite
just looking at it. At the base of the level is a high, snowy mountain, where at the very top you will have a battle with Chilly Bully
for another mood star. Surrounding the mountain is just flat land of snow with many snow forts around... but, what
could the snow forts be for? They are probably just for decoration... or are they? Besides the mini-snow forts, there will also be a small
little village to explore, as well as an Ice Cave.

Vicious Volcano Valley

So, what's to know about V.V.V.? It was once a village many many years ago, but a volcano nearby must of erupted, and cause everything
to just die out. There are little remains of what use to be a civilization... and now it's been turned into a tourist spot!
Toadection is a tour guide and a new allie that you will meet here who will help you around. This level is split, in a way, into two
separate levels. The first part takes place outside, around the tourist spot of the run down village. The other part is inside
a giant volcano, you'll need to find Bomb-Betty so she can open the cannon to get inside it, though.

Toadstool University

An old, run-down University where the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom once use to enroll to. Now it is shrouded with horrifying
tales, myths, and more. But to even reach it, you'll need to get through the Northwood Forest, anyway, so it won't be an easy task.
The Boos still like to come here, though. They like to call it "Home away from home", whatever that means. When exploring, try not
to fall for an illusion set by the Boos!...

Deep-Sea Lagoon

Hidden, deep within the shores of Sunset Sea lies a trench. At first, it may look a little scary, but once inside, you'll see its the exact
opposite! In Deep-Sea Lagoon, not only will the world have a beautiful sight, it also ONLY takes place underwater! ... throw a bad for
a good, right? As such, the world is divided into 4 different sections so you have enough time to go back to the middle and grab
some air, whenever you need to change locations and are running low on health.\

Sunset Sea

                                            Is it a COVE or SEA, make up your mind!

"A beautiful vacation spot for tourist to stay. With such locations as "Hotel De' Spiny'' , "'Trooper's Fishin'' , the abandoned Pirate ship,
and many more, how can one not want to stay forever?"  -
Is what would normally be said about Sunset Cove, but with all the trouble
caused by the Cheep-Cheep, how can one relax!? There have even been rumors of something lurking in the abandoned Pirate Ship...

Perplexing Polluted Plant

What once use to be a nice lake, has been horrifyingly transformed into a toxic-waist factory by Bowser and his minions.
There are many traps, gaps, and even what appears to be green slime- Yuck! You'll need fast control stick moving and button smashing
to get anything from this place!

Please be patient, updates coming soon... enough

This is purely a "fan-game", mod, whatever. I don't own the rights to any characters above. All rights Nintendo.

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